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The Empires Are Clashing

Are You Prepared?

Empires Clashing Campaign
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Empires Clashing

The War of the Clouds has been over nearly half a decade now. For four years, the Peresh Egephian People's Council has been sinking its icy fingers into the lifeblood of the nation. Many have begun to doubt that Argoth's reign, though brutal, was so much worse than that of the Council. A resistance group called Quad rises up, sabotaging the work of the Council and assassinating the Council's toadies and so-called "Traitors to the Great State."

Many are displaced by the war, set to wandering aimlessly in search of a livelihood. Minstrels are more and more common, bringing a light of happiness to wartorn land, cities ravaged by the curses and plagues of a world ruled by magic and meddlesome gods.

In the east, the lands of Men are thriving with the vanquishing of the Mages of Morthinus, and the Elves are shifting within their borders, talk of war sifting through the cracks in lands across the continent. Even the Kazku Pirates seem to sense conflict on the horizon, attacking traders more frequently and with greater intensity, aided by the Islander Volf tribes.

Across the land, rumors of strange occurrences arise. Dead men walk their crypts restlessly, and once-withdrawn societies strike out, invading civil lands and retreating with items of value. Something, the wise men say, is wrong with the world.

Will you find what it is? And more importantly, will you stop this wave of evil before it's too late, before the world has been destroyed by the clashing of empires?